Texas Divorce Professionals

Texas Divorce Professionals

TDP focuses on educating and supporting couples, individuals, and families during one of the most trying times in their lives. We’ll help you with real solutions throughout the divorce process.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

We are comprised of financial experts, mental health doctors, investigative service authorities, matchmaking and relationship consultant, divorce organizers, real estate professionals and mortgage aides.

Real Texas Divorce Solutions

Real Texas Divorce Solutions

The Texas Divorce Professionals hold divorce workshops, webinars, lunch and learns, and annual expo events that allow you to meet all of our professionals in one place and at one time.

Love after Divorce

Finding Love After Divorce

After divorce many women have a hard time finding love and intimacy again.  The anger and rejection they feel can be so deeply rooted in their emotions that they often create a wall around them to protect themselves from being hurt again.  As a result a negative vibe comes from them, making them unapproachable to

Teenagers and Divorce

What Your Teenager Wants To Tell You About Divorce

We all know that divorce is a messy game. Messy for the husband, messy for the wife, killer of the family dynamics that previously defined you. The end of a marriage impacts everyone in the family unit; children quite possibly the most effected, because after all, it’s not their marriage that is not working, not

Dating after divorce

5 Online Dating Tips for Divorced Women

If you’re a single recently divorced woman wondering what’s next, will you ever find love again? You don’t get out much other than as a 3rd wheel with your married friends. Well, don’t fret here’s an option for you: I’m sure you’ve heard that 1 out of 5 relationships start online and you’ve probably heard

Woman Power

Finding The Forgotten Woman

If you are called Mommy by anyone, congratulations…you are in the “club!” With your membership you get unconditional love and a life enriched beyond your imagination, but you also get the opportunity to be so focused on taking care of your children, your home and your job that you may seldom have time for the